domingo, 3 de mayo de 2009

Toon Factory - Mousou Honey no Omocha bako & 「Yume Sora☆Wings」 [Single]

Well, first I will say that my English sucks... x3

This band started in 2008, there is little information about them, but they sound is good.
The single Mousou Honey no Omocha Bako was their first release and was distributed in a concert that gave in the Takadanobaba AREA. Of them expected a new single called 「Sweet & Dispain」 which was released on April 29 this year, contains three songs, a total of 1000 copies and still i don't have xD.

I know this is not the whole discography ... but, I hope serve you Loony Chan.
Official Web Site~

Toon Factory - Mousou Honey no Omocha bako [Single]

Toon Factory - 「Yume Sora☆Wings」 [Single]

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Azu Rose dijo...

holaa n0n gracias tu comentario, yo hasta donde sé pasaran por Brasil, Argentina y Chile ^^


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